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I have been thinking of all the things we condem people for on the bases of religion and it has come to my attention that it is not our place to judge. The mark of a true christian is to see wrong and through God’s devine anointing try and right it. If we are still ignored then leave it at that but hold no hate or condemnation in your heart for these will poison you and cloud your judgment in your walk with Christ. Just remember we are messangers of the word not dictators. It is Christ who will judge all in the end days. Ref: kjv revelations
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That’s some serious stuff there. But you can’t blame all guys because when some guys ask whats up, most girls become evasive and don’t give this much detail for us to understand what’s going on. Can’t blame us if we are clueless

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Diverging Personalities can Converge

I had a very interesting conversation with my mother about her three children (me included) concerning our unique traits. Her perspective of us made me see things in a whole new light and how badass we would be if we were greatly united. Mind u, I knew we were something but how our mother described us was something else.

Firstly it is imperative that you know I have two sisters: older and younger. The three of us have diverging personality which seems to be really awkward due to the fact that we were all raised in the same home but enough of that.

My mom declared my older sister’s to be a sympathizer & empathizer, me a diplomat and my little sister a rebellious attacker.  We mainly interact to things with these personalities being the core of our doings. My older sister as the personality suggest is more emotional and works on peoples emotion making her great at interactions with emotional type people. I on the other hand tend to be more tactful and rational indicating that I see things from a logical well reasoned state of mind unlike my older sister whereas the little one is an over-hyper rebel who feels bigger, better and badder than all and attacks to get whatever she wants when she wants. “Let me be clear. I aint saying these traits are mutually exclusive but rather they are our prominent traits. Also none of these are positive or negative just traits ”

OK now I would like whoever is reading this to consider the order in which we were born and our traits then think about an era where these traits were all used to gain power, land and resources.

Are you there?

Are you sure ?

Are you really sure?


If you associated it with the Colonialism and trans-Atlantic slave trade era then you and I are on the same page. When the Europeans came over, the first thing they did to gain power in the African world was to sympathize & empathize with our way of living. Basically they played (I don’t intend for this word to be harsh. I’m just like that with words) on our feelings to get ahead and to keep us dependent on them as friends, allies, confidants. This worked for a while until more power and resources were needed. If I am lying you can stop reading. What do you think was next? If it’s a diplomatic approach then you are right. The progression of the slave trade and colonialism was dependent on how to use logic, reasoning, tact and some amount of trickery to get African chiefs hooked onto the system. Where both of these methods failed the alternative was a rebellious attacker strategy. The use of might to prove right.

Don’t get me wrong this happened waaaaaay back. I have no qualms with Europeans (if you have met my friend Nnamdi-[hilarious] or Lauren-[sexy], you let those things that happened slide) but  those three traits though extremely different get the job done when executed in order.

I guess what I am trying to say is that although we be extremely different, each person has their expertise, field, area, skill, talents, dexterity … etc (would have added more but you fill in the blanks) that when used appropriately would get the job done. And that’s what I mean when I say “Diverging personalities can converge”.


It is sometimes said that “out with the old in with the new.” This being said applies to every decision and every stage of life we find ourselves. I say this is utter bull****. We can never truly get the old out because it is a part of us. It has been with us and it has shaped us so that we know what we truly want to be. This applies if you have the strength and will to use it for a better now or future which is by the way. The body is built to recalls things of the past when making decisions. We look to past experiences to solve developmental problems, and above all, everything we have observed and passed through serves us the foundation of our growth. So lets not be deceived to put aside the past for the future because there can be no future without a past.

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